About me


Hello, and welcome to Four Course Family, otherwise known on here as FCF! I am so happy you found your way here! I love to cook, but more than that I love to eat. Nothing in life makes me happier than bringing family and friends together to enjoy each other’s company, and taste delicious food. I find inspiration all around me, from our local Maryland farms, to my favorite restaurants, to my travel adventures, to my close friends. I have created FCF to pass along things in life that I am passionate about, and create a great resource of successful recipes and tips.

DSC_3327-2-(ZF-3721-15125-1-001) I am mother of two deliciously adorable children, who luckily share in the same appreciation for food and life that my husband, Todd, and I share. It is in the spirit of our mutual passion that I have created FCF. This blog will include family recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, travel advice, and parenting tips that I have learned over the last few years.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! Cheers!


The Four Course Family: Todd, Hannah, Owen and Abigail

The Four Course Family: Todd, Hannah, Owen and Abigail